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Student Testimonials


2013 Year 10 student testimonial

It has officially be a decade since I started at IGGS, and I have never had a proper opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and tireless devotion to our student body and our futures. I was enrolled at IGGS when I was six weeks old, and over the past 10 years, I have been able to call this school my home. Through triumps and tragedies, it has been the one thing that has always remained in my life, and I thank you all for making that possible.

I am so incredibly thankful to each and every member of staff of the school. From the entertaining ladies in the tuckshop, to the wonderful teachers that I have been privileged to call my own, there is not a single person in your staff that fails to deliver passion, bubbliness and zest into our hectic lives. I am so honoured to be associated with this school, and all that it stands for. Dr Britton, when you made reference on final assembly to a senior that mentioned that this school is a family, they weren't wrong. This school is my family; all day, every day. The reality that I only have 716 days left until I depart the comfort of the gates of this stunning campus has hit me exceedingly hard. I still remember my first day of grade 1 here as if it was yesterday, and not wearing the 'tablecloth' will honestly be heartbreaking.

2013 has been the most successful year of my small life span, and I cannot thank IGGS and its expansive community enough for their persistent belief in me. The teachers at this school exude their passion for their subjects on a daily basis, and this is evident in the cheerful faces and enthusiasm our students have when attending classes.

Thank you to the teaching staff, in particular those that have taught me over the duration of 2013; you were all the most amazing teachers and people, and thank you for having your superb influence upon my perspective of life. Thank you also to the 'behind-the-scences' staff that make attending this school possible. Thank you Dr Britton; you have always believed in our school and constantly devote yourself to making improvements on an already spectacular community.


Some words about IGGS from our Year 12 students

"I really loved it here at IGGS, it is going to be ridiculously hard to leave. Everything about this school really suited me and I'm going to miss all of it. I loved how I have made bonds with others, not just Year 12s but younger years, and teachers who I will always remember. Thank you so much for everything!"

"I have enjoyed being at Girls' Grammar. I feel more confident now."

"I loved the Formal, QGSSSA events (especially swimming), and I actually enjoyed and embraced the extra responsibility placed on me as a leader. I loved making friends in the younger years and being a role model for them."

"These years have been awesome and I know I will never forget them. The opportunities and privileges this school has given me are insane. I would not be who I am today without the education I have received. There have been times when I've just wanted to sleep in but I would not trade this experience for the world."

"I feel prepared and completely ready to step into the world for the next big adventure."