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Old Girls Association


In 1897, five years after the founding of the School, the first Headmistress, Miss Fanny Hunt, formed the Old Girls' Association.

From the outset the organisation had enabled IGGS students to keep in touch with friends and the School itself.

A vital support network is provided through the OGA. There are a number of branches in Queensland and interstate which provide opportunities for fellowship.

The Old Girls not only provide the School with many amenities through their tireless fund-raising - they also willingly take part in many of the School's initiatives. For example, from their ranks come specialist advisers at Careers Day, sporting coaches and guest speakers both in the classroom and at official functions. Old Girls' have chosen to be members of staff and the Board of Trustees.

This interaction between staff, parents, students and Old Girls' is a vital dimension of the school community and is testimony to the values which are inherent in the school ethos.

Membership Form

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