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Student Development & Care


We have qualified staff who understand the cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns of children and young women. Their specialist training, diverse experience, access to extensive resources, and commitment to a professional code of conduct demonstrates the superior service available to help all students gain the most from their school experiences.

Services are free and accessible to all students and their families - every school day. Our Counsellors are essential threads of the School’s communication and support networks. This ensures that information is readily shared between the staff caring for your child (without breaching confidentiality and privacy). At times when individual students are vulnerable, help comes from specialists and from classroom teachers in a co-ordinated way.

Life Skills and other personal development programs benefit from the up-to-date research and best practices the Counsellors provide to teachers and Level Coordinators. Transition periods are well-managed, such as moving into higher year levels and preparing for life after school. This is a great help to parents who are concerned about their child’s readiness to cope with change.

The Counsellors also help teachers assess new students with grade/level placement, integration and orientation activities. Parents can be confident that their children’s individual needs are being carefully considered by professional people who understand the various stages of young people’s development.

For students with medical, psychological, learning or other special needs, the Counsellors work with the child’s teachers to assess all the possibilities and resources available to help each child fulfil their potential in spite of their difficulties. Sometimes this involves close liaison with other specialists, e.g. paediatricians, occupational therapists or speech pathologists, and may also involve preparing and submitting confidential reports.

Our qualified staff understand professional boundaries and make appropriate and timely referrals for students. The cost and convenience benefits of this assessment and access service are greatly appreciated by the parents who have needed to use it.

We also have a Centre for Young Women's Health & Wellbeing, which focuses specifically on the physical and mental health and care of young women at IGGS.