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Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School is one of the eight original Queensland Grammar Schools.

In 1860, the Grammar Schools Act was put forward, committing government funding to towns after they had raised initial funding themselves, in order to establish several Grammar Schools throughout the state.

The schools were to be secondary, non-denominational and were to have boarding components. In 1887, a committee was formed to raise money for the establishment of Ipswich Girls' Grammar School.

Our founding Headmistress, Miss Fanny Hunt, was the first woman to graduate in Science from Sydney University. Miss Hunt opened the School with 31 girls on 10 March 1892. The first student to be enrolled was Eleanor Greenham, who became the first Queensland-born woman to earn a degree in Medicine.

Since then, our School has played a significant role in the education of thousands of inspirational women who have pursued careers in health, law, engineering, information technology, politics and other challenging careers.

Recognising the many benefits of a coeducational experience in the formative years, the School expanded in the 1990s to include young boys, with Junior Grammar now providing full coeducation from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The School’s original building is heritage-listed with the National Trust. Although it is now used primarily as an administration centre, the stately edifice continues to welcome students every day as the main entry point of the campus.

If you are interested in finding out more about the School's history, or if you have something to contribute to the School's archival treasury, please contact us on 07 3454 4447 or email