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Ipswich Girls' Grammar School offers casual, weekly and full-time boarding for girls from Years 5 to 12. We also offer daily boarding from 3pm-9pm, where students are able to play sport in the afternoon, shower, have dinner and study in the Boarding house.

Weekly boarders may leave on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with their families and return on either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Saturday, Sunday or weekend outings with visiting family members are encouraged. In recognition of their growing maturity, all Year 11 and 12 students may take leave on either a Saturday or Sunday.

Younger students share with room-mates, while Year 12 boarders have their own rooms. Weekend activities include chaperoned excursions to cinemas and shops, sports, and school dances.

Our study and recreation programs are designed to help girls make the most of opportunities to excel and to maintain a balanced lifestyle, especially when our School is also their home.

We understand that girls’ needs change as they grow up. That’s why qualified, caring teachers and counsellors, nutritionist, registered nurses, and experienced boarding supervisors are involved in the care and responsibility of our boarders.

We also know that girls still need their mums and dads. So, when Cribb House is your daughter’s home, you can call our toll-free 1800 number any time or keep in touch by email.